Trace your hand

Next is to place my hand under a piece of glass and trace around it.



Palm Lines

The next exercise is to look at the lines on your left hand and draw them without looking at the paper.


Starting again

I found Stewart Semple’s videos on YouTube and he starts with pretty much the same stuff. So I guess this is the way to go. Trying again to understand how this drawing thing is supposed to work.

First draw a self portrait, then complete the vase faces illusion, then draw Igor upside down.

I do not experience any conflict when saying the body parts aloud and completing the faces vase illusion.  Until that happens I may be out of luck. 😦



03 - Igor

Negative Space Chair

Draw a chair by drawing the holes around the chair, not the chair itself, on shaded paper.

“I feel confident that your drawing will please you. One of the most striking characteristics of negative-space drawings is that no matter how mundane the subject – a chair, an eggbeater, a can opener – the drawing will seem beautiful.”  page 132.




Draw My Hand on Shaded Paper

Shade drawing paper with graphite. Then transfer the hand drawing from the glass to the paper.

“This is your first “real” drawing and I can assume with some confidence that you are pleased with the results.” “Because you drew what you saw on the flat picture-plane, your drawing appears authenticaly three-dimensional.”  page 110.